English Project

Day 3

Hi again, today is the second post of this English project, so come with me to the accompany me to remember this horrible day. To this post, I have to put you in context. I am trying to get a scholarship in Tecnológico de Monterrey. I am already a student of Tec, but if I do not get that scholarship, my father will not be able to pay that school. It is very expensive and we cannot afford it.

Well, I will skip until 4 pm, because the school was extremely boring. Today I ate alone, because my mother was not able to get out of her job on time. My plan was to buy some gifts to my girlfriend, but while I was eating, my father called me and told me that I had to go to the Tec to leave a paper. I finished my food, and went to Tec. Everything was wonderful, until the miss who received me the papers, told me that I was on the next block (there are different blocks, if you deliver all the documents before an specific date, you will have to wait more time for the results. For example, if the due date was February 8, the results will be delivered in March 20, but if your documents were until February 9, your results would be until April 20) that gives results on April 6, but I needed to be on the block that gives results in March. I went to buy the gifts, and I spend like 1 hour choosing the perfect gift, and the store was full of people because Valentine´s Day. I have got stressed out, and after almost 2 hours, I came back home. I searched for the due date. I was very sure the due date was tomorrow, February 15, and I was right. I thought “hey, this is not so bad, I will just call and fix the problem” so I proceed to call for an explanation, but surprise, no body answered me. I tried for an hour, I send emails to 3 different people, but I was not able to contact them. When I thought that this could not get worse, I realize that my father had not uploaded correctly some documents of his work online. I called him, he called his boss, his boss send the necessary documents, my father sent an email with the documents to me, and then I was going to upload the documents, when I found that the page did not allowed me to upload the new file, because it appeared that the old file was in review. I entered in an online chat with an employee of Tec, and I spend 1 hour trying to explain him my problem (he was not very smart). After one hour, my patience was null. Finally, when he understood my problem, he just told me “we will check that problem, thanks for the information, we will be in contact with you” 3 hours later, he has not solved my problem, no body explained me if I really was not on the block of march, and I don’t know what to do right now.

Come back tomorrow to see if the wonderful Tecnológico de Monterrey is just another company full of bureaucracy, or they really care and help their future students.


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