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Day 9

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Sorry for missing your class teacher, do not hate me, I explain you in the video why I missed the class haha


Day 8

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I do not know why i can not post the whole message, it tells me that the blog does not exist, so i will paste a ss of the text.

Day 7

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Hello, ill put the link of the video. Good night


Day 6

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Hello, today I feel sick, so I will make the post as fast as possible. I hate Mondays because two main reasons. It is the first day of the week, and on Tuesdays I wake up at 5 am. To make the things worse, today my father went to Puebla, so tomorrow I have to make my breakfast, and I do not know what I will eat. Obviously, today I didn’t run. In 2 days my girlfriend turns 19 years old, and I have not bought the gift. Probably tomorrow I will search for one (I have no idea what to buy).

My girlfriend´s mother asked me I if could stay to a small party she will make for her daughter, so I will arrive late to my house. I feel sorry for Tequila, because my father returns until Friday, that means Tequila will be alone in the house.

I need to do homework, but I do not want. I have to decide If I want to sleep a lot, or if I want to make my homework; hard choice. Maybe I will go to sleep after this, and tomorrow in the morning I make my homework.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.

Day 5

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Today is Friday, and I really do not want to write today, but this is necessary. I will sum up the end of the story of the Tecnologico de Monterrey; they said it was impossible to pass me to the block of March, so now I'm in a kind of problem.

I'm writing this at 7:24 pm, in the house of my girlfriend while she is hugging me and reading this (love you). In 35 minutes we will go to the cinema and watch Black Panther, which is why I’m writing this now haha.

Yesterday I didn't ran because of the homework I was doing in Andre's house, and today I will not run because the movie. I feel kinda bad with Tequila, he is alone in my house, probably biting and destroying his bed (he had destroyed 3 beds in 6 months).

Today I played Kahoot the whole hour, I won 2 time to Nayely and lose 2, so it was a tie.

Right now, I'm in the row of the candy store to buy some nachos and popcorns, and this is boring as hell. We have been 15 minutes here, so I decided to end the post of the project

Good news, I just arrived home at 11.29. I’ll just upload this and go to bed haha, see you next time