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Day 10

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Well, this feels weird. I was getting used to this posts. This is the last post, obviously, because it´s the last day.

I will go out to a bar in the night, so I am posting this at 5 pm. In case something happen, the post will be already uploaded. Tequila is sleeping in the sofa, and I am registering for the CENEVAL exam. To be honest, I am not nervous about CENEVAL. Our school is taking to serious that exam, making teachers give reviews of some classes, but I think CENEVAL is just another exam.

I am pretty bored, I do not know what to write. I had another issue with Tecnológico de Monterrey because they erased my admission request, and I only wanted to modify some data that was wrong. I am waiting for an email from a person that is supposed to help me. I have been waiting almost 30 minutes…

In the night I will pick up my girlfriend to go to the bar. We really do not know where we want to go, probably we will see that later. This is all for today, thanks for reading and watching me during 10 days. See you soon teacher.

PD. Teacher, I do not what i did, but i did not post the post. I just saved it, but whithout posting it. I am sorry, i just noticed that today.

Day 9

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Sorry for missing your class teacher, do not hate me, I explain you in the video why I missed the class haha


Day 8

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I do not know why i can not post the whole message, it tells me that the blog does not exist, so i will paste a ss of the text.

Day 7

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Hello, ill put the link of the video. Good night


Day 6

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Hello, today I feel sick, so I will make the post as fast as possible. I hate Mondays because two main reasons. It is the first day of the week, and on Tuesdays I wake up at 5 am. To make the things worse, today my father went to Puebla, so tomorrow I have to make my breakfast, and I do not know what I will eat. Obviously, today I didn’t run. In 2 days my girlfriend turns 19 years old, and I have not bought the gift. Probably tomorrow I will search for one (I have no idea what to buy).

My girlfriend´s mother asked me I if could stay to a small party she will make for her daughter, so I will arrive late to my house. I feel sorry for Tequila, because my father returns until Friday, that means Tequila will be alone in the house.

I need to do homework, but I do not want. I have to decide If I want to sleep a lot, or if I want to make my homework; hard choice. Maybe I will go to sleep after this, and tomorrow in the morning I make my homework.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.